Headquartered in Boston, Shenzhen 3WYC Educational Technology Co., Ltd, which is 3WYC Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, boasts three centers: curriculum design center, operation center and overseas R&D center respectively in Boston, Shenzhen and New York, and becomes a nationally influential development and operation institution for cloud intelligence education platform as well as cultural educational institution featuring Sino-US education exchange.  

Media Production


Shenzhen 3WYC Media Co., Ltd has been focusing on solutions for marketing in the format of videos, producing promotion videos, bilingual programs, film and television videos, advertising videos, microfilms, road shows video, corporate (city) image promotion videos, product promotion videos, public interest videos and Internet drama and other videos. We boast a professional production team and adopt unique shooting techniques and creativity. So far, 3WYC Media has produced more than 200 works, cooperating with over 100 domestic and foreign institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of Education, the New York Metropolitan Museum, China Central Television, China Merchants Bank, Tencent Education, Asia Society (USA), and Berklee College of Music (USA). Together with these global resources and partners, we’ve been working throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and are gradually establishing a nationwide marketing network across China. 

Over the past years, 3WYC Media has earned a high degree of credibility and visibility, and become a company connecting Sino-US cultural industries. Standing firm in China and marching towards the world, we are taking the advantage of the Internet and exploring further in the field of corporate video production.

Public Relation Planning

3WYC Media is devoted to innovative brand marketing, corporate communications, stakeholder communication, B2B communication, new media interactive marketing and sustainable and corporate social responsibility communication. With the insight into the needs of relevant stakeholders and the changing communication environment, 3WYC Media not only assists its clients in enhancing brand credibility, but also contributes to changing consumer behavior and guiding the audience interaction, which will finally lead to business success. With innovative ideas and professional services, and based on the full understanding of the market, brand, audience and interactive mode, 3WYC Media is committed to providing systematic solution package and access to greater value for clients, and meanwhile, 3WYC media will also be dedicated to the local development for the future prosperity of the communities.

With an in-depth understanding of the policies, law, economy, market and public sentiment of both China and US, 3WYC Media is able to get to key stakeholders by way of both traditional and online media. 

Through corporate communications, corporate strategic planning, media relations management, crisis/emergency management as well as the social media and Word-of-mouth Marketing, 3WYC Media is dedicated to helping corporations from both China and US enhance their popularity, reputation and market influence, and providing a strong support for Chinese companies’ going abroad and developing their business relations in US. By taking advantage of its expertise and practical experience, 3WYC Media is now building up a full range of service system from the area of corporate internal development strategy, business expansion to brand value enhancement and product promotion. 

Digital Media

Marketing activities planning

We integrate well-planned marketing activities and extensive and widespread  new media marketing so as to quickly enhance brand recognition and influence.

Creative and interactive H5 production

H5 interactive design has become popular in terms of brand promotion, because of its fashionable and creative style and evocative effects

New media visual design

Featuring brand culture and philosophy, new media visual design helps your brand stand out among competitors. 

Content operation

We customize eye-catching content such as creative texts and pictures to allow your brand self-disseminating.